Jewish Women Rock Band

Tofa'ah, the world's first Jewish women rock band, keeps blazing trails. The unifying purpose, high level of musicianship and the sound of Tofaah remain unique in the world of Jewish music.

The band's signature lush rhythms create a heartbeat over which melodies dance in unexpected twists and turns. Rousing rock and roll, inspiring jazz, prayerful ballads, traditional Jewish freilichs, and eclectic musical sounds from around the world form the pallet and colors with which Tofaah creates music to uplift, inspire and rock its audiences.

Tofaah - the word means "phenomenon" in Hebrew - is just that: a real phenomenon.

Seeking to unite the Jewish people, transcend our differences and soar in spirit together, and always with the guidance of gedolei hador and halachah, Tofaah performs for women across the Jewish political and religious spectrum.

Tofaah Jewish Band

The first major Jewish band to perform only for women, the band Lenny Solomon has called "the matriarch Jewish rock band" has earned the respect of Jewish musicians around the world.

Jewish Women - Jewish Music

Since Miriam the Prophetess first grabbed her tambourine and assembled the women after the parting of the Red Sea to sing together in praise, Jewish women have been making their own Jewish music, writing their own Jewish songs that speak of and to the woman's experience. Those songs, however, have not always been heard.

The band's mission is to share its music to inspire women to find their voice, joy and spirituality. To that end, Tofaah performs for women across the entire Israeli political and religious spectrum.

Come and share in the music!

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