Tof Miriam

Tof Miriam is dedicated to the encouragement and support of Jewish women artists.

Founded in 1993, Tof Miriam strives to promote respect and recognition for Jewish women in the arts and to develop new forums for the celebration of women's voices and women's experience. We serve to provide cultural exchange locally and internationally to promote mutual understanding through the arts and to encourage Jewish women of varied backgrounds to express themselves through their art.

Tof Miriam is for:

  • Musicians, Bands, Orchestras, Ensembles
  • Composers
  • Singers/Vocalists
  • Photographers, Videographers, Visual artists
  • Actresses, Comediennes, Mimes/Clowns
  • Writers, Poets
  • Puppeteers, Storytellers
  • Dancers, Dance Troupes
  • Producers/Directors, Stage and Theater Artists
  • Sound and Light Techs

In addition to sponsoring performances designed to showcase our members' talents and offering workshops, Tof Miriam serves as a networking forum through which new and established artists can find each other and benefit from each other's experience, sharing and growing in spirituality together.

New: Tof Miriam Games

Let's make a simcha jewish board game box

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of our first Jewish board game, Let's Make a Simcha! 

Our fun, educational games encourage creativity and cooperation while teaching Jewish traditions and values.

Designed by talented artists and experts in early childhood education who have generously donated their time and talents toward these projects.

All proceeds go toward Tof Miriam-Tofaah's activities to support Jewish women in the arts.

Tof Miriam-Tofaah is a registered non-profit organization (amuta reshuma) in Israel and has no political affiliations.

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